Why Choose Legacy Food Storage


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When it comes to purchasing long term food for storage, the most important thing that you should consider and that will determine your decision is the shelf life of the food. However, over the recent years, there has been an increase in the number of food storage companies that claim to provide food that lasts up to 25 years. Given this, you are sure to get confused not knowing which food is healthy, safe and which can be eaten while on the road.

To be sure that the food you have bought will last for a long time, there are some factors that you should consider. The first being the quality of the ingredients used, the second the packaging materials and techniques, and third, the oxygen levels left in the food during packaging. These three factors will make the difference as to how long your food will actually last.

Legacy food storage, has been in the business and you can be sure that they provide you with the best foods. It has been tested independently and it has been determined that they use top notch quality ingredients in the food. Every item that they use has been tried, tested and certified as being GMO free. By spending extra time and spending a little more to purchase the best ingredients that there are in the market, legacy food storage provides you with foods that have higher nutritional value and a longer shelf life than any other company in the business. Another reason as to why you should always go with this company is the fact that they do not have Canola as an ingredient, which only lasts for only two years. As such, you can be assured that their foods will last for more than 25years.

Residual oxygen that remains in a container during packaging is one of the major reasons why foods go bad. Oxygen allows bacteria to thrive which in turn leads to the decay of the food. The minimum amount of oxygen that can be left is 2%. However, legacy storage ha their packaging oxygen levels at 0.11% which beats the set standards by far. Each package of is flushed with nitrogen so as to get rid of the oxygen, and ten an absorber of oxygen put I the packaging. A compression sealer then seals the package ensuring that it will always remain sealed. This process, ensures that oxygen is at a minimum and that the food will last for years.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, the material that is used to package the foods is of high quality. The pouches are superior Mylar. Mylar has over the years shown the ability to keep out the moisture and the oxygen from the food for a very long time. The pouches are later stored in plastic buckets to help protect the food from the sun, floods or rodents. In case of floods, these cans have also proven to be very great floatation devices.

With these reasons, it’s a no wonder Legacy Food Storage is the best.



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Most of the vegetables and fruits that we enjoy during the year are seasonal. There are times when we desire a particular fruit or vegetable but they are out of season. This is why most people are turning to dried food recipes. Mostly, this is because the dried vegetables and fruits often taste much better than other forms of preservation. Previously, freezing food was the most popular form of preservation. However, when travelling or backpacking carrying frozen food often proves to be quite difficult. Dried foods are much more nutritious than frozen foods, and are easily transportable. Further drying foods does not depend on electricity, only natural sunlight. It is therefore not only cheaper but also a more reliable technique of preservation.

With bare equipments, tools and even knowledge you can dry most of the foods to be found in your home. All the way from fruits, vegetables and even legumes; the easiest trick is to ensure that all moisture dried up. Even the smallest of moisture can be quite detrimental because it causes the food to rot and get spoiled. A good dried food recipe specifies the food which is best sued for and gives advice on how to test for moisture content in the food.

The dried food recipe that you are using probably calls for minimal use of man made equipment. It may focus more of drying using natural light and other methodologies. However, as many current chefs will inform you, there are easier ways to go through the process without having to torture yourself and wait days to complete the process. The dehydrator is the easiest and surest way to ensure that your food is completely dried within a few minutes. The dehydrator employs electric current to drain off the moisture content in food. It can be used for almost any food that you wish to dry.

Of course a good dried food recipe ensures that the number one concern in preservation is maintained and this is taste. Most people free food because they feel that it does not lose its natural taste and smell. Drying is in fact the best way to maintain the taste and smell of food especially fruits and proteins. There are many recipes in the market, however, the most ideal maintains the real taste of food and does not require additional ingredients to the drying process. Additions may change or interfere with the taste of food. Learn more here about dried food recipes for living better every day.

With the many dried food recipes available to the average consumer, it may become difficult selecting the most ideal. Of course drying is mostly like cooking. You can individualize the process as much as you would like. The important thing when one is beginning or experimenting with drying is to look for recipes from renowned and highly recommended professionals. This way you can minimize the chances that you will go wrong or experience difficulties in drying. With time, you will understand the process of drying well enough to make your own additions and create your own specific individualized process.

Food Storage Options: Bulk Freeze Dried Food.

The use and consumption of bulk freeze dried food has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. The uncertainties associated with political and economical futures have made consumers all over the world to look for effective and efficient ways of ensuring that they, together with their families, are protected now, tomorrow and in the near and far future. A research carried out recently by the American Food Company Limited showed that about fifty five percent of all the American households use freeze dried food. The amount that is consumed annually, however, depends on the household’s level of income, the size of the household and the household’s projected budget on foodstuffs.
A number of reasons can be attributed to the rampant growth on the use and consumption of freeze dried food not only in the United States of America but also in the whole world. Consumers using this product enjoy the following benefits:

-Long term emergency supply.

Most of the freeze dried food or meals have a long useful life. They do not go bad or spoil quickly. Majority of these meals are made to last for up to twenty five years or more when stored under the conditions prescribed or stated by the manufacturer.

-Long lasting nutritional value.

Freeze dried food or meals do not lose its nutritional value no matter how long it takes before being consumed. Their taste, smell and flavor also remain unaffected throughout the time it takes before they are consumed. This makes freeze dried meals a priority to most of its consumers.

-Reduced cost.

Consumers who buy freeze dried meals in bulk do not need to keep on replenishing their stock every now and then. Buying in bulk enables an individual to quickly build up a good supply whenever demand arises. Due to their longer shelf life, bulk dried meals saves the consumer a number of costs since they necessarily need not keep on replenishing their stock.


Freeze dried meals come in compact, tightly sealed and easy to stash away containers. This means that they do not take or occupy big storage space.

-They are convenient.

By far, bulk dried freeze meals is the most convenient and effective food storage option. This is because meals stored in this manner only require minimal time for cooking and preparation and only some hot water. This saves time.

-Comes with a combination of different food components such as proteins, vegetables and dairy products increasing its nutritional value.

Sellers of this product also enjoy a number of benefits. Such benefits include, but not limited to:

-Increased rate of stock turnover

The high demand of freeze dried food makes it a quick moving stock. This saves the sellers some storage space and costs.

-Easy to produce and to pack as compared to other food storage options.

-A reliable source of revenue.

Fast moving stock is a favorite among sellers. A first moving stock is synonymous to high demand which ensures a steady source of revenue to the seller.

Disasters can strike any time, out of the blue. To ensure that you are always well prepared in case any form of disaster strikes, always ensure that you have adequate stock of freeze dried food.

Information About The Dried Apples


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Dried apples are more than sweet for snacks and lunchboxes. You can moreover place them into spinach greens with nuts and grapes, present with cooked pork or close by a sandwich as you would chips. Dried apples are a greatly strong and low-fat treat. Moreover, trying to dry them while alone is a fun fall development!

The methodology of making the Dried Apples includes:images 12

· Wash apples.

No convincing motivation to husk them. Leaving the peel on expansions giving less taste to the already dried apples and manufactures the fiber substance making them valuable for weight lessening.

· Remove the focal point and cut into pitiful cuts.

We cut and cored our apples using our foods grown from the ground slicer (lacking the peeling honed steel charmed). It’s super-speedy and easy to use.

On the off chance that you don’t have a tree grown foods slicer, you can cut them with a cutting edge.

· Dip apples in a response for keep them from turning tan.

We dunk our in a combination of lemon juice, pineapple crush, and water. You can also use crushed orange or an answer delivered utilizing 2 tablespoons of ascorbic destructive and 1 mug water.

· Place them in single layer on all that jazz you are using to dry them on.

We use a screen from a surrendered sustenance dehydrator. You can use an alternate rack secured with cheesecloth. Of course on the off chance that you’re drying the apples in a food dehydrator, put them on the frames of that particular dehydrator.

Frameworks for drying apples include:

· Drying Apples using an Oven, a wood stove, in the sun or in a Food Dehydrator

There are a couple of methodologies to truly dry the apples. A dehydrator is doubtlessly the most well-known procedure, yet since we think wood stove-dried apples is best, we normally dry them over the wood stove (more on this underneath).

• Dehydrating the Apples in a Food Dehydrator

This is considered as the best procedure for drying out food. An electric sustenance dehydrator is not difficult to use and imperatively beneficial.

· Oven drying the Apples

You can similarly dry apples in the oven if your grill can get the temperature down to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. (A couple of stoves will simply go as low as 200 degrees.) You’ll need to keep the stove portal open possibly to allow the sticky air to escape. Arranging a fan by the course to keep air streaming is helpful too.

· Sun drying the Apples

This is observably troublesome in light of the way that you need stores of sun, a considerable measure of hotness, and low stickiness. Other than drying blueberries in the back window of my auto once – this truly worked remarkable! – I have no association with this, so in case you are considering sun drying you may need to do a little research first.

· Drying the Apples over a Wood Stove

Our most cherished method for drying apples is over our wood stove in light of the fact that we love the astounding way the apples turn out crispier and whiter than apples dried in a sustenance dehydrator. They furthermore dry more quickly. There are various methodologies to suspend the drying rack (I use the rack from my oven) over the stove. You can put four tin mugs (or distinctive challenges that won’t be hurt by high temperature) on the four corners of the stove and spot you’re drying rack on top of them. Then again you can hang four strands of wire from four top catches and join the wire to the drying rack. Then again, in case you can keep your stove at a low temperature, you can put the racks particularly on your wood stove. If your wood stove has issue territories, make sure to turn them out.